Girl posts pic she “wouldn’t normally post” for the 500th time




Kayleigh Adams, a 23-year-old Instagram model from Essex, has posted her 500th picture with the caption “I don’t normally post pics like this but…”.


The picture in question was a bikini shot showing off the 6 grams Kayleigh had lost on the juice plus diet her mate Kara set her up with.


Kayleigh commented:

“I dont normally do interviews but i think this may give me the exposure i need to get my insta numbers up to over 100.

I was very excited to post my weight loss pic    as ive been getting a lot of abuse from all my ‘haterz’ lately who are clearly jealous of what ive got going on”

Her mate Kara @karasexyjuiceplusbabe123 also commented:


“Kay looks amazing and its all down to the juice plus i reckon. She doesnt eat any real food and has about 4 shakes a day and her commitment is finally paying off!

If anyone wants any juice plus products be sure to hit me up!. Its not a pyramid scheme i swear!”

Since the interview, Kayleigh has put the 6 grams she lost back on because she had a Nandos for her Nans 40th.






Link to the image used:




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