Local woman’s baby competition nightmare


Maria Penelope Gomez, 43 from Worcester, England was shocked to discover that her daughter was in fact, not the most beautiful baby ever to exist, despite what she had been led to believe by friends and family on social media.


Maria had entered 16-month-old, Tiffany Rose-Gomez, into the ‘Little Darlings’ online pageant run by a local Facebook group. Despite having a Dolly Parton perm and hooker red lipstick, her daughter failed to even reach the top 500 of the county.


One of the judges reportedly stated that Tiffany Rose,

“looked like a cabbage patch doll on a come down.”

Another judge explained:

“I think all babies are beautiful in their own right, but this particular entrant almost made me sick into my bag for life.”

Maria has claimed that she has not been put off by the whole experience and will continue to expose her daughter to the world of social media in the pursuit of likes, shares, and vapid compliments.



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