Bingo almost killed my kid


Lonely women and stay-at-home mums across the country, have unknowingly become addicted to gambling but we’re not talking about blackjack, roulette or dog racing, we’re talking about Bingo.


Countless companies are now offering free apps, which allow people to play bingo online and win real money on their mobile phones but users are blissfully unaware that they are slowly becoming addicted to gambling.


One user, Tracey Bingham, 23, from Malvern, Worcestershire who is a single mum of 2, has been playing foxy bingo for over a year now and has reportedly spent over £3000 on the app. She is adamant she’s not hooked on bingo despite almost killing one of her kids.


Social services were called to her home address on the 6th of may following a report from a neighbour who claimed they saw one of her kids, 3 year old Tyler, on the roof of their house.


Our field reporter caught up with Tracey to get her side of the story;


“ I don’t see what all the fuss is about, we only live in a bungalow so he didn’t have that far to fall. Besides, I haven’t mowed the lawn since we moved in 4 years ago so his fall should have been cushioned.”


     ” I wouldn’t say I’m addicted to bingo as I only play to help me switch off from the stress of being a single mum.”


     “The kids are always screaming, asking for food and to be let outside and bingo is a good stress reliever for me. Admittedly the kids have had to go without a few luxuries since I’ve started playing but I never had fancy clothes or school equipment when I was growing up and I turned out alright.”


We asked Tracey to elaborate on the situation regarding the roof incident and she gave the following statement;


“I was 2 numbers away from a full house and winning the top prize of a weekend away in Scunthorpe when I was rudely interrupted by the doorbell. I was greeted by a social worker who claimed that a neighbour had seen one of my kids on the roof. I showed her round the back to confirm that the neighbour had got it wrong and I was right, he wasn’t on the roof, he was on the floor with a broken leg. I assumed he had fallen off his bike but then remembered I had sold it last week to get more credits on the bingo”


Tyler and his brother Dean have now been put into care and Tracey is serving a 16 month probation order for neglect.



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