Marvel star Chloe Wang claims she changed her surname because Hollywood is racist



Marvel star, Chloe Wang (now Bennet) has claimed that she had to change her surname in order to get work as she believes that Hollywood is racist and wouldn’t cast her because of her family name.

However, sources close to Chloe have claimed that the name change was due to jokes made about her surname being another term for male genitalia. 

Chloe quoted;

“I auditioned relentlessly for many years with no success but when I changed my surname I landed the first role I auditioned for.

I am a strong independant woman who is proud of my Chinese heritage but when it comes to making money on the big screen my integrity is quite flexible”


Chloe isn’t the only Hollywood actor to make a bold career decision based on race, ‘Hellboy’ star Ed Skrein has pulled out of the ‘Hellboy’ remake after accusing producers of “white washing” and has left the part open for an ethnically suitable actor due to the character Major Ben Daimio being of Asian origin.


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