Conor McGregor to race in the 2018 Grand National

conor mcgregor to race in grand national

Conor McGregor has stated that after he defeats Mayweather in August he will turn his talented hand to horse racing and will compete in the 2018 grand national.

Sources close to McGregor have said that the Irish champion has grown weary of fighting and wants to focus his attention on the less violent sport of horse racing.

Our sports reporter caught up with Dana White and got the following quote:

“Conor is very excited with the prospect of a new challenge and with the backing of ‘Paddy Power’ as his sponsor i think he will do very well”

“It also comes as a great relief for myself as I’m always getting bullied by other promotors and it really gets me down”.

McGregor is due to start training in late September and has already joined a riding school.

At just over 5 foot 7, Conor is a foot taller than the average rider but mayweather has vowed to knock him down a peg or two which will be handy.





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