Crossfit gym closed due to broken phone mast


A Crossfit gym in Newport, Wales, has been forced to shut down following the breakdown of the towns mobile phone mast.

All 16 members of the gym have reportedly cancelled their memberships after finding out that repairs will take several months and will now be unable to post their workouts online.

One member, Zac Ryland, 24, said:

” I was just about to smash my PB on muscle ups when i spotted that Facebook live had stopped recording. Upon closer inspection i noticed that i had no signal and neither did anyone else in the gym. 

We all handstand walked to the pub next door to see if we could log onto their wifi but we weren’t allowed in as we were all dripping with sweat from 3 hours of burpees.”

Another member added:

“I’ve got over 50 followers on ‘Instagram’ and If i don’t post anything for a day i normally lose  about 10% so this will hit my numbers hard! Plus, I don’t think the food posts will cut it on their own.

Even though the mast repairs are 3 months away from completion, the gym will be re-opened in 2 weeks thanks to the generosity Of Kirks mom, who has paid to have wifi installed.


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