DJ only able to play for an hour at a time as he refuses to pay for full version of ‘Traktor’



    Local sync-button abuser, “DJ Flight Case”, real name Scott Banks, was fired from his residency at the ‘Hare and Hounds’ pub in West Bromwich after management and punters got pissed off with him only being able to play for an hour at a time without having to restart his Lenovo ThinkPad.

    Scott told reporters that paying the £65 to enable the full version of the mixing software he uses would stifle his creative freedom and force him to become a ‘corporate shill’.

    Owner of the Hare and Hounds, Danny Bryant, commented;

    “We offered to let him use ‘Virtual DJ’ which I have on my Daughters laptop but Scott proclaimed that it didn’t look as complicated or professional on his screen and if anybody came up to ask for a request they may think he wasn’t a proper DJ”

    Scott added;

    “Theres too many politics in the DJ world and i’ll be fucked if I’m gonna pay £65 for some software as well as paying 99p a song in iTunes! I’ve got 56 followers on Soundcloud to keep happy as well as working part time at Home Sense.”


    Scott has since been replaced by an iPod.




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