Feminists on track to be taken seriously by 2022

Feminists on track to be taken seriously by 2022



Feminists, despite all of their contradictory arguments, are well on their way to being taken seriously by the next UK general election which is being held on the 5th May 2022.

They aim to achieve this by way of the ‘Did you just compliment my blouse?’ Party, being put on the ballot. 

The controversial political group, Headed by long-time feminist and vegan, Sarah Whitley, has promised to eliminate work-place discrimination and attempt to pass a bill which will prevent male co-workers from making complimentary comments and gestures towards their female counterparts.

Sarah is also pushing to pass a bill which will force male members of staff to attend a bi-monthly electro-shock therapy session which simulates period pains, in the hope of achieving a level of empathy towards their monthly plight.

Sarah, who has spent most of her adult life loitering outside abortion clinics demonizing fellow women for making their own decisions, has said that she feels “empowered” by the support she has received from fellow ‘bra-burners’ and also claims to be “liberated” but didn’t specify exactly what she felt liberated about. 

After spouting a plethora of feminist buzz words and phrases, Sarah finally gave  a moderately competent statement to our political correspondent:

“We are sick of being treated like second class citizens in the work place! One of our senior members who previously worked as a receptionist for an insurance company, claimed that she manned the phones for 8 hours a day on minimum wage whilst the director of the company raked in over 65k a year, plus bonus!”


The party will be holding a Q&A session at Grimsby’s Town Hall on April 1st 2018 but is restricted to women only and will not be providing any refreshments as members feel that their rights as women will be violated should any of them step inside a kitchen.








link to image used: http://www.dailysquat.com/feminist-picnic-falls-apart-after-no-one-makes-any-sandwiches/



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