Gym lad can’t stop saying “Bro”



Gyms across the country are being plagued with ‘gym shark’ wearing, financed BMW  driving, creatine cretins, who refer to anybody with a pulse as “bro”.


One lad in particular, Jason ‘big dog’ Reynolds, 24, from the west midlands, has reportedly been diagnosed with Tourette’s but rather than uncontrollably blurting out profanities, instead, he uses the popular vernacular ‘bro’.


A staff member from his local gym quoted:


The kid is an absolute melon! He always parks his car in the disabled spaces, which is quite ironic really.


He bolsters his way round the gym in his low cut vest which clearly shows off his lovely collection of ‘backne’ spots he has accumulated from smashing d-bol into him everyday. Oh, and he never puts his weights away either!


All of this could possibly be overlooked if it weren’t for the fact that every other word that comes out of his massive gob is “bro”. Even when I’m doing a spin class in a separate room with the music blasting I can still here him shouting “I got you bro”, “its all you bro” even when he’s not actually spotting anyone.”


After being rushed to hospital following an incident involving another member, it was later discovered that he was suffering from the neurological disorder ‘Tourette’s’.


Jason still uses the gym but staff have now managed to get him to wear a muzzle by convincing him that it’s an altitude mask.


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