Hypochondriacs most likely to be affected by newly proposed GP charges.


Hypochondriacs nationwide, have reportedly been sicker than usual, following the newly proposed charges to see a GP.

Our public health reporter managed to catch up with one individual, John Kirk, 47, at his council flat in Great Barr, Birmingham and got the following statement:

  “I feel absolutely robbed of my basic human rights! I see a doctor at least 7 times a week to discuss my wide array of ailments but I fear that my disability allowance wont even cover the cost of 2 trips if these charges come into play!”

 John also added:

  “I am currently suffering from a plethora of different diseases and although they haven’t been directly diagnosed by a medical professional they have a huge impact on my day to day life.”

 “I don’t really trust these doctors anyway, with their fancy degrees, training and qualifications but seeing as I’m paying national insurance out of my benefits I feel I should exercise my right to see a doctor.”

  Fortunately for John, the charges are yet to be implemented, however, if they are, then we may see a surge in people self-diagnosing using the Internet.


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