Kidderminster to receive huge £600 revamp



The small town of Kidderminster, Worcestershire, famous for its carpets and bowling green, is due to receive a whopping £600 revamp in 2018.


The city has already undergone massive changes recently with the implementation of 6 new stop signs and 4 zebra crossings. But this wasn’t enough for Michael Richael, of Kidderminster’s council, who was responsible for securing the money for the revamp.


Michael quoted:

” We fought long and hard with the committee responsible for the towns budget but after they had seen my 10 minute powerpoint presentation, they were eating out of the palm of my 4 fingered hand.”


A local shop owner added;

Its always nice to see the town i grew up in being transformed into a hot spot for young, fashionable people. Even the local Weatherspoons has started serving pulled pork!”


Plans for the funding are still being discussed but there are rumours that the money will be used to install extra lighting in the Kidderminster carpets car park.


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