Local lad branded a chav by bullies




A single mother from the West Midlands has reached the end of her tether with school bullies who have been making fun of her son’s clothes.


Chantelle-Jones-Angel-Smith, 19, from Dudley,has had to make countless visits to Dudley Primary school to talk with teachers about the on going bullying problem where her son, Tyler, is being bullied for being a ‘chav’.


Chantelle spoke with our education reporter and gave the following statement:


I can’t believe my son is still being called a chav! Even after we drove all the way to Bicester village and spent over £400 on big brand names such as ‘Armani’, ‘Stone Island’ and ‘Burberry’, the kids still call him a chav!”


Chantelle also added;


“My ex partner Gavin even gave Tyler a massive Gold chain and bracelet for him to wear to school and that seemed to make things even worse! I mean if he was a chav how could he afford all these brand names and gold jewellery?! I just don’t get it!”



The headmaster of Tyler’s school intended to suspended the kids in question however as 2 of the kids were the headmasters children, a suitable punishment is yet to be agreed upon by both parties.



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