Lewis Hamilton challenges Usain Bolt to a race



In light of the recent bout between Connor Mcgregor and Floyd Mayweather, Lewis Hamilton has decided to make a similar move and has challenged Usain Bolt to a race around Donington.

Hamilton, Who will be in his team’s trophy winning Mercedes and Bolt, who will be using his freakishly fast legs, are due to race in August 2018, a source has heard.

However, this is not the first time a race has been arranged where the odds seem to greatly favour one particular competitor. In 1915 a battle of strength and speed were pitted against patience and strategy when the notorious race between the tortoise and the hare took place.

The tortoise, like Bolt, had an obvious disadvantage but Bolt has vowed to adopt a similar strategy used by the tortoise and wait patiently for Hamilton to make a pit stop and then proceed to overtake and ultimately win the race.






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