Local squaddie sues Armed Forces over false advertising



Aaron Kirkstall, 22, from Redditch, is suing the British Armed Forces for false advertising after 3 years of service, a source has heard.

Aaron claims he was targeted by the Armed Forces careers officers due to his lack of education and common sense. Aaron believes if he had paid more attention in school he would have landed a job with better prospects.

Aaron commented:

“I feel extremely misled by my local careers office and also the adverts on television, which suggest that the army is a brilliant career with a strong sense of belonging and a place to learn important and useful life skills.”

Aaron added:

“The television adverts would have you believe that you will make friends for life, travel the world to see exotic locations and pick up valuable life skills which are transferable to the real world.

All I’ve done so far is meet lads who have forced me to play the biscuit game and other questionable activities, travelled to war-torn shit holes and the only thing I’ve picked up in my 3 years of service is a fuck load of shrapnel in my ass, which have now caused me to walk with  limp!”


According to Aarons solicitor, his chance of winning the claim are uncertain however Aaron isn’t phased as he has been promised some part time work at his Uncles dry cleaners.


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