Margaret Thatcher due to rise from the dead


Margaret Thatcher, the Prime Minster that almost ruined the 80s, is reportedly due to rise from the dead to help Jeremy Corbyn create a strong and stable Labour Party.


Sources close to the Thatcher family have confirmed that ‘The iron lady’ has abandoned her wicked, conservative ways and taken a shine to Mr Corbyn’s policies regarding minimum wage.


The groundskeeper at the Royal Hospital Chelsea, where Mrs Thatcher’s ashes are buried, gave the following statement:


” Since the results of the election, the staff have noticed some disturbances around Mrs Thatchers plot, which seemed to intensify whenever Theresa May makes a public statement.

A local Witch Doctor was appointed by the family to try and communicate with the late Mrs Thatcher and last week he finally made contact.

He stated that she is preparing herself for a return to the living realm in the next few days or so, just as soon as she’s finished closing down a few mines in the afterlife.”


Despite her dramatic change in policies, the conservative party are eagerly awaiting Mrs Thatchers arrival as they are hoping to get some pointers on how to push Theresa May out.



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