New Fiat 500 to come with morning after pill dispenser


The new Fiat 500, which is due to be released in early 2018, will now come with a morning after pill dispenser as standard across all their models.


It is commonly known that the Fiat 500 is predominantly purchased by young girls with morals looser than Donald Trumps grasp on reality.


In light of this, Fiat have vowed to ensure their latest offering of the popular 500 range will be more suited to their key demographic, girls in their early 20s.


A spokesperson for Fiat gave the following statement:


“Here at Fiat we strive to ensure our customers enjoy a vehicle that is fully equipped for their potential needs.

We have spent hundreds on market research into what our Fiat 500 customers want and the results have shown that the most sought after feature is a morning after pill dispenser.

The second most requested feature was for plastic eye brows to go over the head lights but as they look fuckin ridiculous we decided against that idea.”


Fiat will start taking deposits for the new 500 in December 2017 and are offering a special 20% discount for any customers who don’t need their Dad to pay for it.



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