Accident repair shops in Saudi Arabia unable to cope with work-load as Women are given the right to drive



It’s only been a week since Saudi Arabia gave Women the right to drive and already accident repair shops across the Kingdom have been inundated with work and are struggling to cope.


There have been over 6000 reported accidents since September 27th and officials have had to issue warnings to all road users to take extra care on the roads between the hours of 11am and 2pm as this is when most Saudi women go for brunch.


One repair shop owner commented:

“It’s a blessing and a curse at the same time. We are extremely happy with all the extra business but are unable to keep up with the ever-growing workload.

We’ve taken on 30 new members of staff but its barely made a dent and customers are having to wait up to 3 months just to have their bumpers re-attached!.” 

A spokesperson for the Saudi Women Institute added:

It’s massive step forward for gender equality but we still have quite a way to go. it’s still illegal under Sharia law for women to try on clothes in a store or even go for a swim!”

Another unusual restriction on women’s lives include entering a cemetery and reading an uncensored fashion magazine.









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