Shop owner arrested for selling multi pack crisps individually



A local shop owner was arrested this morning by police after they received a tip off that multi pack crisps were being sold individually from his shop in Bradford.


Mr Patel, who has owned the shop for 20 years, commented:

“Its bloody ridiculous mate! Have they got got nothing better to do with their time?!

No one bats an eyelid when im selling bottles of coke for 3 quid and mars bars for a fiver, they even turn a blind eye to the odd underage alcohol purchase”


 Mrs Marple, the slightly racist, 86 year old, who grassed him in, commented;

“Its about time the police stepped in and did something about these bloody foreigners! Coming over here taking all our jobs.

I didnt sit on my arse through world war 2 to be sold a pack of ready salted at full price when theyve came out a multi pack!”


Mr Patel has since been released without charge as Bradford police don’t have the funding to persue such a trivial misdemeanor.




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