Small, clear, plastic bag, prevents terrorist attack on Ryanair flight




Disaster was averted this morning upon a Ryanair flight, after a small, clear, plastic bag foiled a would-be terrorist’s plans

At 7.40am, A Boeing 747 travelling from Heathrow to Paris was almost subject to a terrorist attack when an un-named passenger had managed to bring aboard 2 bottles of explosive liquid. The man was unable to access the liquids as he struggled to get the zip-locked, plastic bag open.

After the man became frustrated with the complex, zip-lock mechanism, he aroused suspicion from other passengers who promptly alerted the crew members who managed to subdue the man and keep him locked in the toilets until landing safely at Charles de Gaule airport, where he was immediately arrested by French officials.


A passenger on the flight commented:

“it was an extremely tense situation. We watched for about 5 minutes trying not to laugh at his struggle before we decided to alert the crew”.

A crew member added:

“We were very lucky this time and we are very grateful for the vigilance of the passengers on board. The man in question however, was not so lucky, as the toilet he was held prisoner in for 45 minutes had just been used by a rather rotund passenger who was in there for a good half hour.”







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