Study shows “full time mummys” earn 20% less than “stay at home Dads”


A recent study has shown that “full time mummys” earn on average 20% less than their male counterpart, “stay at home dads”.

The study, which was performed by the care taker at Leeds Metropolitan, concluded that there was a noticeable gap between men and women in the same role despite the responsibilities being the same.

“Full time Mummy”of 4, Chantelle – Woods – Smith, 21, from Hereford, has been “really pissed off” by the results of the study and has vowed to not have a fifth child.

Chantelle gave the following statement:

“Im really pissed off!

When i heard about the results it made me not want to have a fifth child! I work just as hard as any stay at home dad if not harder!

I wake up every morning at 11am and give the kids breakfast, we then spend the day watching paw patrol and Jeremy Kyle. We then have lunch, usually beans and toast, then when its 4:20 i roll up a smoke and chill for the rest of the evening whilst the kids play in the garden.”


Chantelle has since been offered work at her local Lidl but has turned it down because it will have a detrimental affect on her benefits.





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