Vegan couples now legally allowed to adopt in Australia


In a shocking turn of events, Australia has now given vegan couples the right to adopt a real-life child to raise as one of their own.

The decision came after pressure mounted from vegan groups, upon hearing the news that same-sex couples are now allowed to adopt anywhere in Australia.

Sophia Nanni, 46, from Melbourne, has been a dedicated vegan for almost 6 weeks and has welcomed the change in law as she believes that a plant-based diet and alienating yourself from the vast majority of the population are values which should be deep-seeded into young persons upbringing.

Sophia commented;                                                                                                     “I already have 6 kids of my own: Petal, Sunset, Moon, Broccoli, Sage and Onion. All of which have never been within 10 feet of a meat product and its done them no harm whatsoever. My ex attempted to take them to McDonalds once but luckily some of my vegan friends were protesting outside the restaurant at the time and managed to subdue him and safely remove my kids from a potentially catastrophic situation.”

“With ‘Veganism’ its all about choice. I choose not to put meat into my body and I choose to be a dick about it. I also choose to push my views on other people who have made choices to eat meat.”

Other minority groups have now jumped on the adoption band wagon with far-right, white-supremist groups now campaigning to be allowed to adopt black children in order to “bring them round” to their way of thinking.








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