Woman can’t believe her son has turned 5 despite him being born 5 years ago

shocked mom


Stacey Macey, a single Mother from Hereford, has proclaimed to the world of Facebook, that she is in absolute shock that her baby boy has turned 5, despite being present at the birth 5 years ago and having the original copy of the birth certificate.


Stacey commented:

“I cant believe my little man has turned 5 today! it seemed like only yesterday when he was 4! “


Stacey’s friend, Michelle, was in a similar state of disbelief upon discovering that her 10-year-old daughter, Courtney, had learned her 3 times table even though she has been in the educational system for over 6 years.


Both Stacey and Michelle are in joint shock over the fact that their kids go back to school this week despite it being the same date every year.




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