Britain divided over whether or not to get the big coat out

With the recent drop in temperature across the UK, Britains have become ambivalent as to wether or not they need to bring out the ‘big coats’.

The southern half of England have only made a slight upgrade to their daily attire by sticking on a hoody whereas the more Northern parts of the country are already up to 4 layers and a wooly hat.

There have also been reports of some Marshall Meadows Bay residents, adopting a similar ensemble to that which is normally only seen in the Antarctic.

Andy Roberts from Northumberland commented;

“Ive been waiting 6 months to get the big Stone Island out. I found it in TX-Maxx in early april but was too warm to wear then. I’ve also got a couple of Helly Hansen bombers in the loft which im eager to get down also but im pretty sure ive picked all the feathers out of them.”

As temperatures continue to drop, the world of social media has become inundated with pictures of girls in wooly jumpers gripping a mug of hot chocolate with both hands.

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