Britains first ‘trans-race’ woman gets go-ahead for skin color change operation by NHS

19-year-old, Courtney-Jade Kington, a local reprobate from Bradford, has been given the green-light by Directors of the NHS to go ahead with a skin color-change operation in September 2018.

Courtney claims that she is a black woman trapped inside a white woman’s body and has been convinced of this since she bought a Dr.Dre album in 2001 and started smoking weed.

Courtney claims that she is Britain’s first ‘Trans-race’ person and despite advice from friends and family she plans to go ahead with the procedure in late September. The operation will see Courtney’s skin color change from a ‘Navajo white’ to a ‘deep mahogany’, just in time for a Lil Wayne concert in November.

UK law, in all its glory, states that to under-go any operation which will drastically alter your appearance, you only have to be over 18 (or 16 with parental/guardian permission) and be completely convinced that you are a different person to that of the body in which you currently reside.

The most bizarre part though, is that if you were to go to to a doctor and request that both your arms be amputated you would almost certainly be referred to a psychologist or a Mental institute. However, if you want a double mastectomy or to have both your balls chopped off and wrapped up in a neat little package that vaguely represents a vagina, then you’re all good! All you have to do is put forward a feasible argument suggesting that you may have landed in the wrong body at birth.

News of Courtneys impending operation has been met with a lot of anger from certain social groups, Specifically people who have undergone gender re-assignment surgery. They are claiming that Courtney is making a mockery of the whole process and giving “freaks like us” a bad name.

One bloke who has had his penis and balls removed, commented;

“The whole thing is an absolute joke! I had to pay £20k of my own, hard-earned money to look like a deformed, life-size Barbie doll and this girl gets to look like Oprah Winfrey on a come-down for free on tax payers money!”

A woman called Dave, added;

” I think Courtney is very brave!, it takes a lot of balls to do something as drastic as this.”

Courtney will be live-streaming the 6-hour operation via facebook at 11AM GMT on September 29th. Link to her profile is below:

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