Game of ‘Kiss-Chase’ ends in legal battle over claims of non-consent

A local school has become the centre of a media snowstorm this week, after the Mother of a male pupil at Springfield Elementary, has sued the family of a female pupil, claiming her son did not consent to being kissed by their daughter during a game of ‘Kiss-Chase’ in the playground.

6-year-old, Stephen Kite, was reportedly “shaken and confused” by the situation and claimed that he made it very clear to everyone involved in the game that he “was not playing anymore” as he wanted to go and get a juice box.

Stephens Mother, who is an admin on 4 Facebook groups, has told reporters that she believes that if the situation had been the other way around, there would be no hesitation in putting her son on a register.

Staff at the school have since been ordered to attend a week-long awareness course to become better prepared should a similar incident arise.

There have also been investigations into ‘I Spy’ amidst reports of cheating where the Person naming the object to be spied on, doesn’t actually commit to a particular object until after the guessing has begun.

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