Middle-class white people outraged at affordable housing ruining their view of a field

Middle-class white people nationwide are up in arms at the countless new housing developments which are popping up around Englands green belt areas and blocking their idyllic views of farmer’s fields.

If you’re over the age of 40 and earn over 50k a year, chances are you own a property which has a view of some beautiful English country side. A view which is slowly diminishing due to the increase in affordable housing estates popping up across the UK.

One particular couple, The Greyfriars, from Surrey commented;

“Its an absolute disgrace! My wife and I used to enjoy our morning mochas on the verandah overlooking beautiful rolling green fields and now all we can see is Tanya from 55a loading her 5 kids and 3 staffys into their banged up Vauxhall Zafira.”

Mrs Greyfriar added;

“I don’t think I’m as upset as my husband is. He claims to be a left-wing socialist, however, now the working-class are practically on his doorstep, i think his right-wing tendencies are slowly creeping back. He’s already started a Facebook petition to have a huge screen with a picture of some fields on, installed in front of the development  to block the view.”

So far, Mr Greyfriar hasn’t received any support for his online petition as the vast majority of his neighbours are decent people.

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