Mum still waiting for son to accept friend request

Debbie Cranham, 56, from Telford, has reportedly been sat in front of her computer for 2 years now, waiting for her 18-year-old son, Andrew, to accept her friend request on Facebook.

Debbie commented;

“I joined Facebook 2 years ago to catch up with old friends and to see how my only son, Andrew, was getting on with his new job and his family.

I remind him to accept my request every-time I see him and he assures me he will do it as soon as he gets home. He says he doesn’t get signal in my house and can’t connect to my WiFi for some reason”

Andrew added;

“I dont really want my Mum on Facebook as  I post quite a lot of anti-semitic content and I am currently an active member of 3 different cults.”

There is support available to Mums nationwide, who are still waiting for their sons and daughters to accept their friend request but due to high demand there is quite a long wait to be seen by a specialist.

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