Popular car sticker banned

A new law has recently been passed, preventing the use of the popular car sticker “Babe on board” under strict new advertising regulations.

The law, which was passed on Monday 22nd of May 2017, prevents the use of any misleading or false claims advertised on a motor vehicle.

For a change in law to be considered, 10,000 signatures are required. It is then passed to the House of Lords before being ultimately written into law.

This whole process was catapulted into the media limelight after an incident on the m5, which resulted in a 22-car pile up and 7-mile tailback.

We caught up with the driver who caused the accident, 22 year old Chris Cross from Catshill, Bromsgrove, to get his side of the story;

I was driving down the m5 around 5.30 after my 3-5 shift at Wilko when I noticed a fiat 500 in the middle lane with the car sticker “babe on board”.

Being recently single I proceeded to put my foot down to catch up with the potential babe.

After checking my hair in the mirror and making sure my Oakleys were on straight, I managed to get up beside her.

I threw a cheeky look left and she looked right at me but to my dismay this chick was no babe! She looked like Kendall Jenner, mid-op!

But before I could process the disappointment in my head, I had driven flat out into the back of the caravan in front, which ultimately caused the pile up.”

Chris is still being treated at the Princess of Wales hospital in Bromsgrove for 3 broken ribs but we feel it is his pride which has been most affected.

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