Study shows 92% of men in pubs know absolutely fuck all about sport

A recent study has shown that the vast majority of men who drink in pubs, know absolutely nothing about sports despite what they may lead you to believe.

You can go into any pub in England and almost guarantee to be presented with at least 2, middle aged, overweight men, propping up the bar, discussing loudly, and usually incoherently, about how professional sports people are doing almost everything they are paid a shit ton of money to do, wrong.

A barman from a pub in London said:

“ Every single shift I have to endure these loud mouth lager louts and entertain their wild theories on how football teams should be managed.”

“Most of the time the only experience these muppets have is playing in either a Sunday league team or being a member of a local 5 a side.”

A regular at the pub added:

“Wenger is a wanker, Rooney is an overpaid granny-shagger and every single referee is almost definitely blind!”

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